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tv   U.S. House Meets for Morning Hour  CSPAN  April 3, 2017 11:59am-12:07pm EDT

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there. host: wild and wonderful has a tweet, federal workers are blamed for procedures they make, but are required to follow. washington, d.c., an independent, good morning. caller: good morning. i just want to talk about the president trump has zero government experience and this person who has now stepped industry, nd-new brand-new job, and is proposing cuts to the -level government agencies that keep clean, that keep the air breathable, rest of this the "washington journal" segment online on toa moment, we will go live the house for morning our speeches. legislative work gets underway with bills dealing with north korea and argentina relations, both at 6:30 eastern. later on, the bill dealing with
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employers who self-insure workers. live now to the floor of the u.s. house on c-span. he speao tempe: the house wl de the chrays berthe aommunicatiofrhe speaker. erk:h speer ro shingt, d.c. apil 3,7. i hebppoit the honoble je denham to ac aspea ro tempo on th day. signe pl d. ryan, ser of hous representativ. the speaker pro mpore:
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pursuant the order ofhe house of 3,01 t chirl nregnize bers fro listsubmittedy the majoritynd minoriy les for morning ho deba. theair willlternate recogtionetee partie all me sll be equally locaed betwe theart nd i no evt shal debte contin beyond 11: m. ach mer other an t majoanoritleaders an mority whiphalle im to five nute the air recogzes the gentleman from connect, m. courtny,or court ser mrea phaps the poweuloment on iurion daen the present gave his speech was whehe remind his suppters anthe pele who weressembledhe that there we rgotteny deral caho gornent an it was prisehat ouldaid thisany iner of how he duri has presideogms it's a message which obviously he used quite effectively on the campaign trail. i think personally it's what propelled him into the white house.
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fast forward to where we're today, mr. speaker, it's hard to really square that rhetoric with the budget which was submitted a couple weeks ago but the trump administration. the one agency which probably has the closest connection to rural america, that part of the country which he was addressing in his comments on inauguration day, the u.s. department of agriculture, was cut by 20% in terms of what came over from the white house. again, that was the third largest hit of any federal agency of the entire federal government was the u.s. department of agriculture, which does so much in terms of helping farmers, smalltown america, rural america in terms of dealing with the challenges which, again, i think we're just a huge powerful undercurrent in last year's november election. in particular, the budget proposes eliminating completely usda rural development for drinking water and wastewater programs which, again, for so many communities is desperately
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needed. again, the property tax base of small town and rural towns across the country really cannot by themselves pay for sewer plants, pay for drinking water upgrades. i know because i come from one of those districts. even in connecticut the eastern half of the state, the second district, is small town rural america for which the usda rural development programs have been the lifeblood of making sure that community facilities and again a decent quality of life was possible. so, for example, in towns like vernon, connecticut, where i'm from, the plant was just finished a couple years ago. usda rural development. the town of putnam, $28 million over the last couple years, they just built a new fire station with usda rural development. stafford, connecticut, sewer plant upgrade, wind ham, new community health facility which was the community facilities program through usda rural development. thompson connecticut, 2.4 million for water and sewer. brook lip, 1.3.
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the list goes on and on. this budget, let's be clear it doesn't just give this program a haircut or tailor it back, it eliminates it, eviscerates this type of help which rural communities with their own resources are incapable of accomplishing on their own. mr. speaker, a budget is more than just a collection of numbers. it's a statement of your priorities. it's about what's important to you as an executive or legislator. and this budget fails that testify for rural america, for the forgotten americans which the president addressed on inauguration day. i am confident that in this chamber that there is potential for a bipartisan group of members to push back on this type of really just backwards budgeting and backwards priority, but again just remember in terms of what my father told me a long time ago, talk is cheap. put your money where your mouth s put your budgets where your rhetoric is. and on that score this
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administration has failed that test. it's also failed it with the sea grant program. for fish american in america, 90% of seafood in this country is from overseas that's consumed in this contry, even though we're a great maritime contry. the program helps fishermen deal with all the complexity of maritime domain in terms of regulations, and i have seen it in connecticut, my district borders on long island sound. we have seen shellfish growers coming back to life because of the sea grant program administered through the university of connecticut, avery point campus, that has given these hardworking, inspiring entrepreneurs the tools that they need to, again, give america a domestic seafood industry which, again, is just ridiculous when you look at the disproportion of imported seafood that, again, is consumed on the tables of americans across the contry. later today 100 house members on a bipartisan basis will be
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submitting -- releasing a letter of support for the sea grant program. congressman zeldin, republican from long island, myself, led that letter. again this is where our focus ought to be right now in terms of this country. if you really care about making america great again, it's about giving people out there in the great heartland and on the coastal sections of this country the tools that they need to grow, thrive, innovate, and succeed. this budget fails that test. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. pursuant to clause 12-a of rule 1, the chair declares the house in recess until 2:00 p.m. today.


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